Bergen One Day Sightseeing | Norway

Bergen One Day Sightseeing | Norway

Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf | UNESCO World Heritage Site

Bryggen means “wharf” in Norwegian. It was where Bergen was founded nearly 1000 years ago. Bryggen was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. The original buildings were destroyed by fire in 1702. It was then built and rebuilt over the centuries

The wharf buildings have been converted to shops but kept their character. It was definitely very touristy.

Take your time to go through the alley, stop at some of the shops or maybe get a drink.

Bryggen is charming and picturesque!


Bergen’s best sausages” since 1946. Yes, do as the Norwegians do – have a reindeer sausage?!

Extra-long reindeer sausage with lingonberry, mustard and fried onions.
Tasted like pork!

Fjellskal Fisketorget (Fish Market)

The fist market has a very wide variety of fish and other seafood to eat in or take out. Just strolling through is a treat!

Many decisions to make…

Fjellskål Fisketorget AS

The seafood was fresh and plentiful. We were there around 2pm and it was hectic and busy with lots of tourists.

Fish soup

Marinated with garlic and chili oil

Spiced and pan fried Tuna / Fresh scallops

Kitchen & Table Bergen

We stayed at the Clarion Hotel and decided to “eat in” since the Kitchen & Table is the house restaurant also we are fans of Marcus Samuelsson. We had a big lunch so decided to order a bunch of appetizers.


Tomato basil salad

Local cheese plate


Carrot cake


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