Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park


Uluru Australia Icon

It is a long way from anywhere but totally worth the visit. This is my first visit to this ancient and spiritual landscape. It takes about three hours to fly from Sydney to Ayers Rock Airport at Yulara. We arrive on a Friday afternoon and drive from the airport pretty much straight over to the Uluru Kata Tjuta national park around noon.

You can see Uluru from the far away distance and after you drive close to the base it is even more impressive! The atmosphere at Uluru is something I can’t describe. It is a highly spiritual place. You can feel it everywhere.

Lunch at Uluru Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre

Once you enter further into the Cultural Centre, there are art and gift stores, a café, and bathrooms. It’s a great place to take a break and have something to eat.

Kata Tjuta

Uluru and Kata Tjuta (Mount Olgas) are the two major features of the Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park. Kata Tjuta is a group of large and domed rocks. It’s located approximately 40km west of Uluru.

It is definitely hot and the flies are insane. You must buy the fly net head covers. There are so many flies, so be ready for that.

Walpa Gorge


Kulpi Mutitjulu

This is the family cave, Anangu families camped here for many generations.

Sunset at Uluru

Sunrise and sunset can not be missed. We were fortunate enough to watch the sunset right behind the rock as the colors went from dark yellow to orange to orange-red-brown to almost purple. Viewing it at different times of the day displays totally different colors and images. From north to south, east to west take your time to admire this unique piece of nature.

There are clearly marked sunrise and sunset watch places. You should plan to be at lookouts at least 30 minutes before the sunrise/sunset as it can get very crowded.

Australia Zoo

Australia Zoo


Australia Zoo is a must visit! The staff were very friendly and passionate about their work. They were always happy to stop and share their knowledge. Also being able to walk up to kangaroos and wombats and hand feed them out of your hand or hug a koala made me so happy!

The animals are well looked after.

We spent a full day at Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo and still didn’t cover all the bases. Now we have a reason to come back 🙂

It’s a very interactive zoo where you were allowed to feed kangaroo.

Red Panda Encounter

My favorite part was to feed the red panda!

Koala Encounter

Another highlight of my day was to hold a real live koala bear~ They are adorable!

Wombat Encounter

Greater Blue Mountains, Australia | UNESCO World Heritage

Greater Blue Mountains, Australia | UNESCO World Heritage


Echo Point Lookout

There were so many vantage points and sights within the National Park, but Echo Point was where you should start. We were going to Scenic World after here. It gave you a panoramic view of the whole valley.

Excellent views of the Three Sisters and all of the valley.

Scenic World Blue Mountains

Scenic world was a fun place to visit. Ride the Skyway, cable car and train. It gave you a different perspective of the maintains and Three Sisters.

Magnificent views of the valleys and waterfall.

The Giant Stairway

The scenic railway was the steepest in the world at 52 degrees. Riding the steepest rail way while simultaneously seeing stunning views was amazing.

The view from the waiting deck was absolutely stunning.

I loved walking on the boardwalk trails in the forest. The walks were very educational with signs and information along the boardwalks.

Sydney Itinerary: 3 Days Travel to Sydney

Sydney Itinerary: 3 Days Travel to Sydney


Sydney Opera House

Sydney’s most iconic landmark. The opera house is a majestic building that really dominates the harbor. After an hour guided tour, we left with a much deeper appreciation and understanding of this iconic structure.

We went on the guided tour. You get to see a number of different performance theaters, rehearsal spaces and backstage areas. Our guide was very knowledgeable and explained to us all aspects of the building and the architect Jørn Utzon. It was surprised to learn that the architect had never returned to Sydney to see his masterpiece completed.


We had a great lunch at Bennelong. This was the perfect location before the Opera House tour. The food was delicious!

Raw Kingfish
artichoke, capers, ice plant

Red Claw Yabbies
lemon jam, cultured cream, buckwheat pikelets

Suckling Pig Sausage Roll / Roasted Carrot Salad

Sydney Harbour Bridge

This bridge connects the Sydney business district and the Northshore. It was always spectacular and amazing to see it on TV especially during the New Year’s Eve with the fireworks display.

Sydney BridgeClimb

This was an amazing one-of-a kind experience. The safety issues were well explained and carried out. Even though I am scared of heights, at no time did I feel unable to continue. It was a great way to see Sydney and the Harbor.

Celebrity Spotting

The Rocks

Located next to Circular Quay. Lively trendy area for street market during the weekend. Great cafe culture during the day and good bar scene at night.

Queen Victoria Building

Great place to stroll through. Plenty of top end shops and cafes. It is worth a walk through to see the beautiful tile work, paintings and hanging clock.

Darling Harbour

Darling harbour is especially fun in the evening. We went to Darling Harbour to see the fireworks on Saturday night at 9pm and were pleasantly surprised by all the restaurants and cafes that were there. It’s a great spot to hang out, get an ice cream, and walk around. Very family friendly!

Just loved to sit and watch the world go by, and the night lights were also amazing!

Darling Harbour Ferries

Best way to see Sydney at night. Get an Opal card from the machine and tap away.

Diner en Blanc 11/28/2015

I heard that this worldwide dining event is not released until the day of the event. We saw hundreds of guests came dressed in white. Looked like this year it will be held in the Sydney Opera House. Fun!

Day Trips From Sydney

  • The Blue Mountains (Three Sisters) are just under a two hour drive west of the city.
  • Sydney Ferris – Circular Quay to Manly