A Geyserville Gem | Cyrus restaurant

A Geyserville Gem | Cyrus restaurant

The Bubble Lounge

We have been anxious to try the long awaited reopening of Cyrus in Geyserville, CA. The restaurant is surrounding by Aperture Winery vineyards. After checking in,  you are greeted by a warm and friendly host and free to choose your seats in the Bubble Lounge (more choices if you arrive early). We were lucky enough to pick the high top seats facing the vineyard to enjoy the marvelous views.

Cyrus Restaurant

Kitchen Table

Next we were guided into the beautiful kitchen where you are seated in a U shaped kitchen table with 12 seats. Chef Keane created a kitchen table dining experience that feels fun for everyone and exudes a casual atmosphere. Guests are free to walk around and chat with staff during the time at the kitchen table. We had fun seeing all the professional equipment and the chefs were excited to show us their cooking techniques.

Kitchen Table at Cyrus

Chef Douglas Keane Cyrus
Gazpacho Consomme at Cyrus
Oyster Corn Kimchee Granite at Cyrus
Managatsuo, Plums, Ginger-Shiso Dashi Gelee at Cyrus
Lobster, Avocado, Thai Basil, Melon at Cyrus
Artichoke, Sake Lees, Lettuce Puree, Benitade at Cyrus
Chicken and Egg by Cyrus

Dining Room

After the kitchen table we were guided to a spacious dining room with beautiful views of a water feature against the backdrop of the vineyard grounds. The progression of different seating areas really add to the overall dining experience and sets it apart from other fine dining restaurants. Each dish showcases a delicious combination of flavors and presentations. I absolutely adore the glassware and plates they chose. We ate with our eyes first with every course presentation.

Halibut, coconut milk galangal, finger lime, lychee at Cyrus
Foie Gras Torchon at Cyrus
Pampered Abalone Corn-Shio Koji Broth Uni form at Cyrus
Filet of Beef, Green Tomatoes, Swiss Chard, Smoked Jus at Cyrus
Andante Dairy Melange, Pluot, Nasturtium, Shokupan
Melon and Lemon Verbena Sorbet
Toasted Sourdough Custard, fig leaf, husk cherry

Non-Alcoholic Pairing Menus

Cyrus offered one of the creative and delicious non-alcoholic pairing menus we'd experienced any in the world. (The only one comparable is Aviary in Chicago.) Most restaurants opt to offer pre-bottled/pre-made juices but the beverage director (also named Cyrus!) created inventive drinks with fresh ingredients that just so happened to not have alcohol --he didn't just phone it in. Each beverage matched the course it was design for and added to the dish. I was really impressed with the level of thoughtfulness and detail that this pairing menu provided.

The Spritz blackberry, gooseberry, juniper, elderflower, lime
Fizz Blueberry, Earl Grey, Shiitake-verjus, Thyme
Golden Raisin Cordial Stone Fruit Gastrique, Chamomile, Lavender
Tea Old Fashioned Oolong, Burnt suger, Miso-cured Orange
Sweet Coconut Horchata, Oat Milk, Sake Lees, Mintc

Chocolate Room

After dessert you are led into the Chocolate Room. The hidden entrance to the room was a fun surprise and we were immediately met with a huge chocolate fountain upon entering. What a beautiful and one-of-a-kind concept! The levitating platform that held our chocolate treats was also visually stunning. Cyrus is definitely worthy of a special journey.

Black Sesame Dragee Brownie at Chocolate room
Chocolate Pave at Cyrus
Box of Chocolates at Cyrus Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, Umami
Michelin Star Napa & Sonoma

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