How Coronavirus Has Changed Everyday Life

How Coronavirus Has Changed Everyday Life

March 19, 2020 was the day the coronavirus social distancing began in California and has now escalated to complete social isolation. Starts from Wuhan, China, now the entire world is under tremendous pressure and stress.

The virus spreads like a wildfire, we are powerless and helpless. Some of the most well-known celebrities have tested positive for COVID-19. Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Boris Johnson, Prince Charles, Pink, and more.  Some who’ve already died tragically of the virus. It is sad. No one knows if life will ever go back to the way it was before.

Grocery stores and large retailers like Costco and Target have implemented changes to deal with social distancing guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic. Costco now require all shoppers to wear face masks while inside the warehouse. The same is true for Home Depots, you can’t enter without properly cover your face.  Many people are getting frustrated and bored at home but we also need to be considered to others.


Whole Foods is asking shoppers wear masks. However, masks are not mandatory to enter the store. You can still find some shoppers have no mask on. 

Customers shopping at Wholefoods have their face covered

All the cashier wear masks and gloves and the plexiglass installed at the checkout station.

Plexiglass installed around registers

L: Shoppers maintain distances of 6 feet apart from other people. R: The staff has a plastic visor on

Nijiya Market

Shoppers are waiting in lines

Shoppers face lines at Nijiya market

Nijiya: update on coronavirus

Downtown Castro Street

Downtown MV

Delivery Robots

Since we need to minimize human-to-human contact. Tech companies have stepped up to get more robots out in force to deliver. Robots can deliver essential items (drugs or meals) to people who purchase online and are quarantined at home. This can also help to reduce cross-infection since robots are immune to infection.

Food/Grocery delivery robots are getting popular in the local area

Grocery/Food Delivery Robots

Line to Enter Trader Joe’s

Line to Enter Walmart

United States

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