La Laiterie Ferme Biei

La Laiterie Ferme Biei

La Laiterie Ferme Biei 美瑛ファーム|美瑛放牧酪農場

071-0473 Kamikawa District
+81 166-68-6777

Ice Cream

The weather is grey and rainy today in Biei. We need a little sweet treat to bright the day. La Laiterie Ferme Biei is a beautiful dairy farm. In is also not far from the famous scenic spot “Shikisai no Oka” (Four Seasons Hill). It takes only about 20 minutes by bike.
The view is great here. We see lots cows eating grass outside which allow you to get really up close.



Soft Cream

The most popular products of the store are made from the cow’s milk such as yogurt, soft serve ice cream, and milk pudding. I like their original milk flavor ice cream. They produces ice cream with reputation for exceptionally high quality by using very simple and fresh ingredients. The high milk fat in Hokkaido milk makes the ice cream taste so creamy and rich.


Milk Pudding

The milk pudding is also creamy and not so sweet.

Hokkaido Japan

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