Nuremberg Christmas Market

Nuremberg Christmas Market

The Christmas Market in Nuremberg dates back over 450 years. It's one big market spreading practically all over the old town area. The Christmas market mingles well with the architecture which historically spans over hundred years. This was my first introduction to Christmas Markets and was really amazing!

Nothing beats the feeling of walking around a Christmas market in Nuremberg. You can find gorgeous Christmas decorations and traditional toys here. The historic stagecoach takes about 10 minutes to tour around the market. Its a nostalgic way to see this city while all tucked up with warm blankets.

Definitely try the city’s famous Nuremberg Lebkuchen (gingerbread), mulled wine (buy the souvenir mug – it’s worth the few extra $), sweet roasted almonds, and Rostbratwurst (sausages). On the chilly nights and days it is such a treat to sip the hot mulled wine as you peruse the stalls. You can collect the mug from various cities in remembrance of your travels.

Christmas Market

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