The Golden Ring: Suzdal, Vladimir, & Sergiyev Posad

Golden Ring is a set of ancient Russian cities which form a circle on the map (northeast of Moscow). We will visit Vladimir, Suzdal, and Sergiyev Posad during this trip.


Dormition Cathedral (Holy Assumption Cathedral) in Vladimir

Built in white stone around years 1158-1160. It is part of a World Heritage Site and undoubtedly a point of interest in Vladimir. The cathedral is placed beautifully, with a view to the valley below. 

Cathedral of Saint Demetrius

Vladimir to Suzdal

Vladimir to Suzdal

Market Square in Suzdal

Market Square is located in the town center. From the outside, the building looks very classic. It has lots souvenirs on display, mostly wooden handicraft.


Dinner at Suzdal

Dinner at Suzdal

The Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra in Sergiyev Posad

The Trinity Monastery is so beautiful and the blue and gold domes are mesmerizing. It is the headquarters of Russian Orthodox Christianity religion. It is also on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The Holy Trinity

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