The greatest New Year Party : Edinburgh’s Hogmanay

The greatest New Year Party : Edinburgh’s Hogmanay


There is nowhere on the planet quite like Edinburgh's Hogmanay. You must come to experience it! We are lucky enough be in Edinburgh for New Years Eve 2015/2016 and participated in the Hogmanay celebrations. The atmosphere gathered by the huge crowd is so excited. You will see thousands of torch bearers march through the old town. Lights, music, great crowd, and fireworks! It's truly the greatest party in the world!

The festivities kick off on December 30th with a torchlit procession. Imagine thousands of people snaking through the city streets, each carrying a flaming torch, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. Live music, street performers, and a general sense of merriment fill the air.

Hogmanay Celebrations

Hogmanay is the Scots word for the last day of the year. It begins with a torchlit procession. The torchlight procession marks the start of three days of Hogmanay celebrations in Edinburgh. There are around 20000 people marching along the Royal Mile and accompanied by drummers and pipers. Imagine a sea of flickering flames held aloft by 20,000 participants! 😮 The procession snakes through the historic streets, casting an ethereal glow on ancient buildings. Laughter and music fill the air as friends and families join strangers, united in the warmth of the firelight and the spirit of celebration. This iconic event marks the start of a joyous journey towards a brand new year.

Hogmanay Street Party New Year’s Eve

The crown jewel of Hogmanay is undoubtedly the street party on December 31st. The city center transforms into a massive open-air celebration. Live music stages pump out energy, while revelers dressed in all manner of costumes dance the night away. The highlight of the night is the midnight fireworks display. As the clock strikes twelve, fireworks illuminate the sky above Edinburgh Castle, painting a breathtaking picture against the historic backdrop. Auld Lang Syne, the iconic Scottish song, resonates through the streets as people link arms, strangers become friends, and the spirit of togetherness reigns supreme.

The historic street at the heart of Edinburgh's Old Town flow with a flaming river of light. There are music on the route too.

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay – Torchlight Procession

Fabulous fireworks display at midnight above the Castle.

As midnight approaches, anticipation hangs thick in the air. The city's iconic landmarks, including Edinburgh Castle, become silhouettes against the darkening sky. Suddenly, the first burst of light explodes, a dazzling cascade of color illuminating the night. Fireworks erupt across the city, not just from the castle but from multiple launch sites.

The pyrotechnicians are masters of their craft, choreographing the display to music. Rockets soar skyward, bursting into vibrant stars and shimmering trails. There are heart-stopping moments when the entire sky seems ablaze with color, followed by quiet whispers of glittering sparks. The display is a sensory feast, a visual symphony that perfectly captures the celebratory spirit of the evening.

Edinburgh’s Fireworks