The greatest New Year Party : Edinburgh’s Hogmanay

The greatest New Year Party : Edinburgh’s Hogmanay

There is nowhere on the planet quite like Edinburgh's Hogmanay. You must come to experience it! We are lucky enough be in Edinburgh for New Years Eve 2015/2016 and participated in the Hogmanay celebrations. It is an extravaganza and we  really enjoy it. The atmosphere gathered by the huge crowd is so excited. You will see thousands of torch bearers march through the old town. Lights, music, great crowd, and fireworks! It's truly the greatest party in the world!

Hogmanay Celebrations

Hogmanay is the Scots word for the last day of the year. It begins with a torchlit procession. The torchlight procession marks the start of three days of Hogmanay celebrations in Edinburgh. There are around 20000 people marching along the Royal Mile and accompanied by drummers and pipers.

Hogmanay Street Party New Year’s Eve

The historic street at the heart of Edinburgh's Old Town flow with a flaming river of light. There are music on the route too.

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay – Torchlight Procession

Fabulous fireworks display at midnight above the Castle.

Edinburgh’s Fireworks


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