é by José Andrés | The Cosmopolitan | Las Vegas

é by José Andrés | The Cosmopolitan | Las Vegas

There are 2 seating times (5:30 PM & 8:30 PM) with only 9 seats at a counter in an intimate room. It all started with getting the golden tickets in the mail! We heard from other guests that the waiting list to é is months long. :O

Golden tickets

Branches of the Desert

é is in the Cosmopolitan hotel and is located in a private room behind Jaleo (serves authentic Spanish cuisine ). Guests arrived by 5:30pm and we all wait at a communal table at the front of Jaleo.

Morning Dew

Stone & Beet Rose


It was interesting to watch the chefs preparing the dishes and listening to the explanations of the molecular gastronomy techniques they were using and finding out the food origins.

Wonder Bread

A brilliant mini PB&J sandwich with lemony meringue bread and foie gras jelly. This is my favorite!

Uni & Lardo | Pan Con Tomate

L: Hokkaido uni topped with melt in your mouth Lardo Iberico.

R: Crispy cream puff topped with ham.


Edible Sangria

Garbanzos Y Jamon

Txangurro A La Donostiarra

Dungeness crab meat with a rich vial of crab broth and some crunchy bread crumbs on the side for more flavor and texture.

Foie Royal



I really like the flavor of the braised beef cheeks. It’s so tender and served with liquid-filled potato gnocchi.


Empanada (cotton-candy empanada filled with foie gras)

Menjar Blanc

Intxausaltsa (Walnut prepared in 4 ways)


Cherry Bomb and More things…


Photos with Chefs & Guests


Las Vegas

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