Konoba Mondo, Motovun

Konoba Mondo

Konoba Mondo was located halfway up the hill in the main street of town. We had a delightful dinner here. The minute we walked into the restaurant I knew this place will bring us great memories that we could talk about it over and over again. We even received 3 umbrellas as souvenir from the restaurant before we left!


White Truffled Polenta

Vegetable Soup

White Truffle Carpaccio

Being in the truffle country, we had to take advantage of it. We pretty much ordered everything with white truffles. Back home it would cost a fortune to have the fresh white truffles so generously placed on each meal! 😀

White Truffled Gnocchi

Steak with White Truffle

Grilled Vegetables

Pnana Cotta with White Truffle

 Loved everything with shaved truffles on top!

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