Truffle Hunting

Our tour guide Nikola took us to the forest with his dogs (Nero, Biba, and Nellie) to search for the truffles. Nikola explained everything about the region, the truffles, and truffle hunting to us. We had so much fun watching the dogs dig up truffles and learning everything about it! 

Hiding and planting truffles for the dogs to find. They found it! 

Truffle Seasons

In this region, white truffles are in season from September to early January and black truffles from May to September. 

Bye! Nikola, Nero, Biba, and Nellie. This was truly the best possible way to see Croatia! 


If you like truffles, you should not be disappointed with this restaurant. We came here for lunch after truffle hunting. While in truffle heaven, we made sure to add fresh white truffle to each dish. 😛



Tartare with White Truffle



Riblji filet

Chocolate Souffle

Ice Cream

The owner is the Guinness record holder for finding the largest white truffle (weight 1.31kg) in the world. Also they were awarded a 15 point rating (with 20 highest) on the Gault Millau restaurant guides.


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