Magome-juku (馬籠宿), Tsumago-juku (妻籠宿), and Narai-juku (奈良井宿) are 3 must visit historical towns along the Nakasendo Trail (中山道). Among them, Magome-juku is the most touristy. It's nicely situated with steep streets and interesting architecture. There is a great lookout point at the top with a fantastic view.

The main street up the hill is full of small shops with some interesting handicrafts and local foods. It is still maintaining a traditional atmosphere, with the houses and cobblestone street. I like the hand-made rice cracker. 😀

Magome-juku was destroyed by fire twice in 1895 and 1915 and was rebuilt.

The Nakasendo Trail (Magome to Tsumago) during winter is very slippery. However, it will be a very nice walking trial during summer. It is recommended to start your journey from Magome if don't want to walk uphill for too long.


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