Tsumago is known one of the historic Post Towns on the old Edo road over a hundred years ago (present-day Tokyo to Kyoto). I knew about this town from a poster awhile back, and decided to visit on this trip to japan.

It has retained the old town feel, with cables and wires all hidden underground. The residents using the buildings with their 3-part creed: "Don't Sell, Don't Lend, Don't Tear Down." They really try their best to recreate the ambiance of the Edo Period.

Handmade Soba (buckwheat Noodle) with a firmness of texture and fullness of flavor. Gohei Mochi (sticky rice on a skewer) is made from white rice and pounded into a sticky cake, coated in a sweet sauce, and aromatically cooked over a flame.

The down has plenty of cafe's, souvenir shops, restaurants, and museums. I loved exploring the little shops with different crafts and snacks.


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