Saint Petersburg

Peterhof Grand Palace (Summer Palace)

The outside fountain is just absolutely amazing! I have never seen such a wealth exposed as here. The fountains alone are stunning look down the canal to the Gulf of Finland. This is my favorite place in St. Petersburg. It will be one of the highlights of your visit to Russia as well!

Lomonosov Moscow State University
st petersburg summer garden

State Hermitage Museum (Winter Palace)

A trip to St. Petersburg is incomplete without a visit to the Hermitage. I think it's very impressive but also a little overwhelming. There were so much to see so little time. 3+ hours is needed to see all exhibits. 


Moscow Novodevichy Convent
Winter palace
Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard

Aurora Battleship

The Cruiser Aurora was built in 1900, it played an important role in many battles. We made a quick stop to see this ship. Too bad we didn't have enough time to do an internal visit. 

Aurora Battleship

Peter and Paul Fortress

Peter and Paul Fortress
Peter and Paul Fortress

Monument to Peter I

Mikhail Shamyakin’s bizarrely small-headed statue at the Peter and Paul Fortress. Our tour guide said that the statue brought good luck if you touched Peter's shining hands. 

Peter and Paul Fortress

Blue Bridge (over Moyka River)

There are lots of historical buildings along both sides of the Moyka River. The Blue Bridge is a 97 meter wide bridge painted in blue crossing the Moika River. It is very close to St. Isaac’s cathedral and the Bronze Horseman.

Blue Bridge
Revolution Square

Bronze Horseman

St. Isaac’s cathedral

St. Isaac’s cathedral

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

The architecture is typical iconic Russia and it is amazing. This magnificent onion-domed church has an impressive interior covered in mosaics. My mom obviously think about what to wear today (same color scheme as the church). 😛

church of the savior on spilled blood


Borscht, chicken cutlets with potatoes.

Russian Ruble (RUB)


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