Steirereck Restaurant, Vienna

Dinner at No. 15 - the world's 50 best restaurants

The restaurant was on the 2015 "The World's 50 Best Restaurants" list. It was located inside a modern stainless steel building set in Stadt Park. From amuse-bouche to the bread and cheese selections it had quite innovative touches. We chose the 7 course testing menu and were not disappointed in any one of them. Food was absolutely world class!

Your choice sliced fresh off the loaf!

It could be as excited as choosing the cheese! We were offered a HUGE selection of bread from the bread trolley. I would like to try all please! 🙂

We each received a card naming all of the dishes. The list of ingredients gives you a clue of what to expect when the plate arrives at the table.


Young carrots with fennel, coconut and reinanke.

Puntarella with Kaki, Salted Capers & Bouchot Mussels

Puntarella: The hearts of this rare member of the chicory family have a flavour similar to atichoke and asparagus while the leaves are reminiscent of dandelion.

Pike Perch

Pike Perch with cabbage sprouts, berberis & almonds.


Pheasant with salted lemon-braised onions, chard & groundcherry.

Milk Fed Veal

Milk fed veal with young cabbage, turnip & bone marrow.

Choose your cheese!

The bread and cheese carts are worth the visit for alone! The cheese cart is the highlight of highlights!


Quince with Burnk milk & lavender.


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