One Awesome Day Trip in Hallstatt Austria

One Awesome Day Trip in Hallstatt Austria


The drive to Hallstatt is very scenic and passed some lake viewpoints just like these in Sound of the Music. We were on a trip from Vienna and had about 2 hours to wander around.

Hallstatt Old Town

People often said that Hallstatt is Austria’s most beautiful lake town. After being there for just a day, there is no doubt why this is the most Instagrammed town in Austria. It is truly spectacular with the beautiful mountains surrounding it.

Hallstatt serves as a relaxing break between Vienna and Salzburg. Just browsing here for a few hours and you will fall in love. After all, this is Austria’s oldest salt mining town and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Hallstatt lake

Hallstatt Winter

Very Touristy!

After lunch we marched straight to the spot for the “Classic Village Viewpoint”.
Hallstatt tour groups

The area is absolutely packed with tourists. Therefore, ff you want to enjoy the tranquility that Hallstatt is famous for, it’s better to arrive before 10am or stay there the night and leave in the morning. However, most of the tourists on day trips leave by 5pm. Also, Hallstatt is mostly closed during winter but cafes and souvenir shops were still opened.
Hallstatt Tourists

This is the postcard picture!

View of the lake

What a joy to see the snow dusting the wooden houses up the slope and the mountains surrounding the lake. Meanwhile, from the viewpoints, you can see dozens of elegant swans on the water’s edge.

Central Square Marktplatz

This is a beautiful Austrian central square with fountain and the buildings are closely grouped and display the typical Austrian architecture. The old town by itself can be toured on foot in within one hour. So just walking the little village streets is amazing! The views are spectacular. Above all, if you every want to see Hallstatt in snow, plan your trip near and after Christmas. We are very happy with the snow on the rooftop, roadside and basically every horizontal. That blanket of white everywhere just adds a little touch to the quaint little town.

Waterfall channeled through the town

Mountain water rushing between the buildings creates a spectacular view!


Fresh trout.

Meirerei am Stadtpark



Meirerei is dairy-inspired and the "little sister" of Steirereck in the same modern stainless steel building in Stadt Park. Great place for breakfast or brunch. Can't wait for our dinner in the upstairs restaurant Steirereck! This is a very spoiled day. 😛

Farmer's Bread

with butter & chives

Soft Boiled Free-Range Egg

with toasted black bread


Beef Tartar & Gulasch

Steirereck Restaurant, Vienna


Dinner at No. 15 - the world's 50 best restaurants

The restaurant was on the 2015 "The World's 50 Best Restaurants" list. It was located inside a modern stainless steel building set in Stadt Park. From amuse-bouche to the bread and cheese selections it had quite innovative touches. We chose the 7 course testing menu and were not disappointed in any one of them. Food was absolutely world class!

Your choice sliced fresh off the loaf!

It could be as excited as choosing the cheese! We were offered a HUGE selection of bread from the bread trolley. I would like to try all please! 🙂

We each received a card naming all of the dishes. The list of ingredients gives you a clue of what to expect when the plate arrives at the table.


Young carrots with fennel, coconut and reinanke.

Puntarella with Kaki, Salted Capers & Bouchot Mussels

Puntarella: The hearts of this rare member of the chicory family have a flavour similar to atichoke and asparagus while the leaves are reminiscent of dandelion.

Pike Perch

Pike Perch with cabbage sprouts, berberis & almonds.


Pheasant with salted lemon-braised onions, chard & groundcherry.

Milk Fed Veal

Milk fed veal with young cabbage, turnip & bone marrow.

Choose your cheese!

The bread and cheese carts are worth the visit for alone! The cheese cart is the highlight of highlights!


Quince with Burnk milk & lavender.

Leopoldauer Alm


Very cozy and comfortable atmosphere. It's kind of a place where locals hang out. The menu is big and the food portions are huge but tasty. 


Bayrische Zwiebelsuppe (German Onion Soup)

Fritattensuppe (Beef Broth Topped with Strips of Sliced Pancake)

Knoblauchsuppe (Thuringia Garlic Soup)

Fleisch Knodel

Meat Dumplings.

Spareribs Klein

Wiener Schnitzel

Super sized Schnitzel that was the biggest I have ever had. Tender and crispy.

Café Sacher Wien


This is where the famous Sachertorte originated and invented. The atmosphere is what you might expect - old world Vienna in a timeless historical setting. Beautiful and elegant atmosphere with the red furnishings and chandeliers. The prices are a little steep but overall it's a great experience.

Original Sacher-Torte

Here's the original Sacher-Torte with whipped cream. Really rich and dense chocolate cake. A little bit on the dry side. Although the Sachertorte isn't my favorite dessert, I know my Vienna adventure wouldn't be complete without it. 🙂

Original Sacher Gewürzgugelhupf

Viennese ring cake with sweet spices (ginger and candied oranges)

Böhmische Liwanzen

Bohemian pancakes with plum butter and plum sorbet.

30 minutes later...

Cafe Mozart



 The Cafe Mozart has been around since 1794. Serving traditional Viennese food. The location is great. None of us left feeling hungry. Don't be on a diet when you go. 😛

House Breakfast

Hot chocolate  
2 soft-boiled organic eggs  
1 buttered organic bread roll  
Fresh orange juice

Beef Tartar

Wiener Apfelstrudel

Apple strudel