1741, Strasbourg

1741, Strasbourg


We dined at 1741 just a few days before Christmas. It was directly opposite the Palais Rohan. From the outside it was beautiful decorated for Christmas, inside we were seated on the top floor in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. Our table for two felt very spacious and private. Their staff were very friendly and professional. Since we don’t speak French and all the staff were trying their best to explain the dishes to us in English. I loved every single dish, they were so refined and elegant. Every course was truly delicious. I’d love to come back to 1741 on my next visit to Strasbourg.


Foie Gras from Lucien Doriath Farm

Black Truffel Tuber Melanosporum.

Royal Langoustine

Quenelle and consomme.

Char fish from Heimbach spring

Herbs butter and Mushroom puree.

Egg cooked at 64

Salmon like gravlax and dill

Chocolate and Pear

Chocolate form and Pear Ice

Petit Four


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