Au Crocodile

Au Crocodile


We went to Au Crocodile for Christmas Eve dinner. Good location in the center of Strasbourg ( the restaurant is located on a pedestrian only street). This is one of the two best known restaurants of Strasbourg. Since lots restaurants closed during the Christmas holidays season, we came prepared. We made reservations several weeks in advance and were seated at a nice table in the main dining room with a beautiful Christmas tree in the center.  When we entered the restaurant, the first impressions were great! Fine modern French decor with great paintings and carpet. The place is a refined mix of traditional and contemporary elegance. Unlike other popular restaurants, Au Crocodile has plenty of space per table. The tasting menu for Christmas was delicious throughout and beautifully presented. When the amuse bouché started to arrive, they were all beautifully balanced in texture taste and delightful to look at. The waiting staff explained every dish including where the ingredients were sourced. I was instantly inspired by the creative and colorful food coming out from the amazing kitchen. The chef successfully created delicious elaborations of the traditional Alsatian cuisine through highly innovative and the flavor combinations and effort in each course was phenomenal. We speak no French but were looked after so well by the staff. The service was formal and flawless. The staff went out of their way to make use feel special from the moment we arrived until the moment we departed. They somehow managed to do it in a professional, friendly, warm, and welcoming way. What a fantastic Christmas dinner!  I highly recommend this restaurant and look forward to coming back. 🙂

Bread & Butter

Amuse Bouche

Ballottine de caille et foie gras

The first official course was foie gras. The foie gras was grated on top to create four gras snow, since it's Christmastime.

Lotte confite, Petits legumes au Caviar Imperial, Coulis de Crustaces

Noisette de cerf dorée, Sauce a l'infusion de feve de Tonka, Mousseline de Celeri et Poire pochee aux Airelles

Next came a fish course. This was poached with hazelnut, Tonka bean infusion sauce, celery and pears with cranberries. It was perfectly cooked!

Brie de Meaux aux Morilles et Marjolaine

Boule de neige aux saveurs Exotique Coco

Strasbourg Christmas Market

Strasbourg Christmas Market

Christmas Market France

Strasbourg Christmas Market in Alsace

Alsace is well known for it’s beautiful Christmas Markets. The Strasbourg Christmas Market is the oldest Christmas market in France. Way back in 1570 at Place Broglie. The Christmas Market takes place every year around the end of November to the end of December. The best way to avoid crowds is to come on weekdays in the first half of December. The last week before Christmas is when you’ll see the biggest crowds.

To visit the entire market requires a lot of walking. The entire city center is ornately decorated. You will find Christmas lights illuminate every street. I just can’t stop taking pictures everywhere I go! This is just winter-wonderland overload.

Christmas Tree in Place Kleber

The Strasbourg Christmas market is very widespread throughout the public squares of the central island. The best attraction would be the large Christmas tree in the town square (Place Kléber). Place Kléber is the largest open square in Strasbourg. It is full of historic buildings and fine architecture.

We walked by Place Kléber numerous times during our 2 night stay in Strasbourg. The tree was decorated with blinking lights and stars. The surrounding buildings with lighting looked spectacular too. It is beautiful in the evening when all the lights are on. Spectacular at night for photos.


The Carré d’Or Market

The Carré d’Or Market is located in Place du Temple-Neuf.

Very Festive Atmosphere

This city has been running Christmas market since the 16th century. There are around 11 markets (called Christkindelsmärik) with 300 stalls today.

It’s worth spending time walking around the streets and the market during the day to see all of the decorations, and then again at night for the lights.

Nearly every shop and building is excessively decorated with a theme for the holidays.

The main markets are at:

  • Place de la Cathédrale
  • Place Kléber
  • Place Gutenberg
  • Place Broglie
  • Place du Château

There are six smaller ones at:

  • Place du Marché aux Poisson
  • Place du Temple Neuf
  • Place Saint Thomas
  • Place des Meuniers
  • Place Benjamin-Zix
  • Place Grimmeissen

Batorama Boat Tour

This is the most delightful way of viewing Strasbourg. The views from the canals are great. Each seat has its own personal headset for the audio tour and you can select your language.

Discover Strasbourg on a boat trip

Petite France, Strasbourg

1741, Strasbourg

1741, Strasbourg



We dined at 1741 just a few days before Christmas. It was directly opposite the Palais Rohan. From the outside it was beautiful decorated for Christmas, inside we were seated on the top floor in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. Our table for two felt very spacious and private. Their staff were very friendly and professional. Since we don’t speak French and all the staff were trying their best to explain the dishes to us in English. I loved every single dish, they were so refined and elegant. Every course was truly delicious. I’d love to come back to 1741 on my next visit to Strasbourg.


Foie Gras from Lucien Doriath Farm

Black Truffel Tuber Melanosporum.

Royal Langoustine

Quenelle and consomme.

Char fish from Heimbach spring

Herbs butter and Mushroom puree.

Egg cooked at 64

Salmon like gravlax and dill

Chocolate and Pear

Chocolate form and Pear Ice

Petit Four

My trip to Strasbourg, Alsace

My trip to Strasbourg, Alsace


Things to Do & See in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is known for many things. First of all, Strasbourg is the chief city of the historic wine-growing region Alsace. Located close to the border with Germany and Switzerland, Alsatian culture is a unique mix of French and German influences. Furthermore, the first Christmas Market was held in 1570, making Strasbourg Christmas Market one of the world’s oldest Christmas markets. Finally, it is the seat of a number of European institutions and bodies including the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, and the European Court of Human Rights.


“La Petite France” is a historic quarter in the center of Strasbourg. It’s a well maintained area with lots of little lane ways and timber clad houses. We spent the whole afternoon walking around Strasbourg, mostly in this area. You really need to walk around to really enjoy. It was nice to just stroll casually and admire all the beautiful buildings. Great atmosphere and vibe to the place.

Lunch at La Corde à Linge
We stopped here on a hot day for lunch and were all pleased with our meals. Very busy restaurant in a fantastic location by the river.

We felt like we deserved ice cream after lunch 🙂




Construction started in 1176 and completed in 1275. The pink stone and single spire make this cathedral unique. The Cathedral has wonderful stained glass windows dating back hundreds of years, a beautiful interior in perfect Gothic style with a historical astronomical clock.

Climbed 332 steps to the top of the bell tower.
If your legs are up to it, climb to the top (and back down) of the cathedral tower for a spectacular view of the city. There is no elevator, so be sure you’re up for it before you start. Also depending on your timing, you may get to hear the bells chiming the hour.