Fäviken Magasinet 2014

Fäviken Magasinet 2014

Driving to Faviken from Östersund Airport

Its location is in the middle of nowhere. Driving there made me felt more and more curious that anything great can originate from these rural areas?


There are only five tables per night. The dinner starts with several appetizers which are served in the downstairs lounge, after that we were invited to our table in the upstairs dining room where the rest of the dinner was served. 

flaxseed and vinegar crisps / mussel dip

Jamtlandian broth / wild trout's roe served in a crust of dried pig's blood

a slice of pickled gooseberry, pine salt / pig's head, dipped in sourdough and deep-fried

shavings of cured sow / salted herring aged for three years, sour cream and rusks

scallop cooked over burning juniper branches

Fish and Crab

poached turbot and sunflower / king crab and almost burnt cream

brussels sprouts and lupin / barley pancake filled wit sour onions

cockles injected with beer

a small egg coated in ash, sauce made from dried trout and pickled marigold

fermented carrots / blood bread, moose broth, backfat and onions

porridge of grains and seeds from Jamtland finished with a lump of salty butter, meat broth filtered through moss

pork chop and bird cherries

Endless Desserts Began!!!

colostrum and blueberries

fermented lingonberries, thick cream, sugar, blueberry ice

ice cream seasoned with spruce / an egg yolk preserved in sugar syrup served on a pile of crumbs made from pine tree bark

sour milk sorbet, raspberry jam and whisked ducks eggs

a wooden box filled with meat pies, raspberries ice, tar pastilles, meadowsweet candy, dried berries, sunflower seed nougat, anise seeds coated in honey and bees wax, smoked toffee, pine resin, cake

After desserts, we returned to the lounge for coffees and teas. It was a great chance to review and compare experiences. I'd skip the pine resin "chewing gum" after dinner unless you want a story to tell. 


The breakfast was just as exciting as the dinner. Fresh bread, cheese, cold meats, wild bird pate, smoked trout, etc. 🙂

It was not the same as other 'fine dining' experiences I have ever had.  The whole experience felt quite intimate, from the greeting by Magnus Nilsson and his staffs when you arrived, to the service, right through to the departure. We left with the longing to go back. 

We made our way to Faviken via Östersund Airport, where we rented a car for the 1.5 hour or so drive which was an scenic drive during the day.


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