Ekstedt | Stockholm | New Nordic Cuisine

Ekstedt | Stockholm | New Nordic Cuisine


3 of us had the 4 course menu and 2 had the 6 course. We got to try everything. I also did a non-alcohol drink pairing and it was great. The restaurant uses fire as its key ingredient. Cook in old Scandinavian ways,  giving flavor to meat and fish through fire and smoke.

Reindeer heart taco

Reindeer heart taco

Cold smoked mackerel, kohlrabi and pine

Oysters (served complimentary)

Bread / Dried deer, vendace roe and charcoal cream

Juniper baked turbot, white asparagus and bottarga

hay-flamed dairy cow, wood-fired oven baked cabbage and salsify

Birch fired pork, turnip and lovage

Wood fired oven baked almond cake, rhubarb and herbs


Stockholm | Vasa Museum

Stockholm | Vasa Museum


Vasa Museum

It’s a must see in Stockholm! Even if you have little interest in ships, this is definitely worth seeing. The Vasa is the most well preserved 17 century warship in the world. More than 98 percent of the ship is original, and it is decorated with hundreds of carved sculptures. Vasa never made it out of Stockholm harbor. It sank on its maiden voyage in 1628. Nearly 400 years later, it is magnificently displayed to light your imagination.

The museum is well designed to allow visitors to experience the ship at different levels. To maximize the visit, do a guided tour (about 30 minutes) and also watch the movie in the auditorium. It will bring you even closer to the whole story.

Vasa Museum Stockholm

Stockholm Food Festival

The food festival occurs during the first week of June (1 – 6 June 2017) in the King’s Garden Park. Many of Stockholm’s local restaurants serves food during the festival and cover everything from traditional dishes to international cuisines around the world.


After visiting the food festival at King’s Garden Park, we took a stroll along Standvagen. It was also on the way to the Vasa Museum. This seemed to the center for cruises, buses and water taxis. From here you will get a European city feel. Beautiful view of fine architecture on one side and the seaside on the other.

2017 ASICS Stockholm Marathon

The course is regarded as one of the world’s most scenic marathon routes. Runners pass buildings such as the Royal Palace, the Royal Opera, the City Hall and the Houses of Parliament.

Stockholm Old Town

This was our 2nd time to visited the old town, strolling down the various cobblestone streets and alleys is a must. Lots of nice souvenirs shops and cafes around. If you have time you might as well explore the Noble Academia Museum. Changing of the guard is also well worth seeing in the royal palace.

Mathias Dahlgren | Stockholm, Sweden

Mathias Dahlgren | Stockholm, Sweden


This was our second visit. The menu is an a la carte, offer small plate selections. We each ordered 1 at a time and swapped so we got to try more. In total we ordered 6 dishes. We left feeling satiated but not overly so.

Beef tartar / Swedish squid

Langoustines from Bohuslän

Charcoal grilled lamb

White asparagus & artichokes

Variation of passion fruit & cape gooseberry

Fäviken Magasinet | Jämtland, Sweden

Fäviken Magasinet | Jämtland, Sweden


Most exciting and unique food experience

We flew from the States and committed 2 days out of our 10 days in Scandinavia for this experience. We had 6 months of anticipation after the initial booking to begin our journey. This was my second visit to Fäviken. With very scenic drive through the countryside, we arrived Fäviken around 5pm. 

Östersund airport to Fäviken

In June the weather here was still cold. It was snowing for about 5 minutes after we arrived. You can’t tell! The sky looks so blue!

Complimentary drinks & reindeer sausage while you relax in sauna before dinner

Pig’s head, dipped in sourdough & deep fried, gooseberry, tarragon salt

At dinner time all guest gathered outside and inside the restaurants lower level to start the dinner at 7pm. Didn’t get to see chef Nilsson at the door this time. We were seated downstairs to share a big table (8 people total) where the appetizers and the rest of the dinner was served. 

flaxseed and vinegar crisps





All ingredients came from this region of Sweden or Norway. The scallop is the dish chef Nilsson is most famous for. It had been cooked in its own shell without any seasoning over burning juniper branches. The texture of the scallop was so good not to mention its delicate sweetness.

King Crab



The food came with exciting flavors and big contrasts in modern presentations meeting traditional ingredients. I felt it was like the future of food steeped in the past.





What was him making?


Ice cream



cream brulee

meat pie


duck egg drink


The box of snus marks the end of the meal

From a bone marrow brulée, a savory meat pie (so good!!!) , a box of candy, to duck egg liqueur and homemade snus. These will be an experience I will not forget!

Tipi & Fire & Cigar

Outside, there is a tipi complete with a bonfire burning inside. At the end of dinner, you are offered cigars that you can smoke in a fire lit tipi. It was my first time to smoke cigar inside a Tipi. What a special night!

It was 11:48pm! June, the month of endless days

Good morning! Time for breakfast 🙂

Happily arrived our breakfast table



Warm yogurt/grains


People said this was a “once-in-a-lifetime” trip, and we were lucky enough to experience it twice! I would have loved to have done it all over again, will have to wait for another season for different ingredients.

Bye Fäviken! See you next time!

Trondheim, Norway

Trondheim, Norway


Trondheim is Norway’s third largest city. We flew with SAS Airlines from Oslo to Trondheim then took a bus to the hotel. The view was beautiful. Got to the hotel around 9pm. It was still bright outside. Our plan was to stay in Trondheim for one night and taking the scenic Hurtigruten coastal cruise to Ålesund next day morning.

Old Town Bridge

A must do in Trondheim is a visit to the city’s old port area at the mouth of the Nidelv River. There are a lot of colorful old wooden warehouses built on piles above the water. The best view of these stunning buildings is from the bridge.

Restaurant Nidelven

Better come hungry to the Norwegian breakfast table! The title “Best Breakfast in Norway” is well deserved. We chose to stay at Scandic Nidelven Hotel simply because of the breakfast. 🙂

There are a lot of choices. Cheese, salami, smoked salmon, tomato mackerel, home made liver pate, freshly made omelet, Cereals, freshly baked bread & pastries, yogurt, smoothies, juices, pancakes, etc. Don’t forget to try their brunost (brown cheese).

Definitely overfed myself again…

Fäviken Magasinet 2014

Fäviken Magasinet 2014


Driving to Faviken from Östersund Airport

Its location is in the middle of nowhere. Driving there made me felt more and more curious that anything great can originate from these rural areas?


There are only five tables per night. The dinner starts with several appetizers which are served in the downstairs lounge, after that we were invited to our table in the upstairs dining room where the rest of the dinner was served. 

flaxseed and vinegar crisps / mussel dip

Jamtlandian broth / wild trout's roe served in a crust of dried pig's blood

a slice of pickled gooseberry, pine salt / pig's head, dipped in sourdough and deep-fried

shavings of cured sow / salted herring aged for three years, sour cream and rusks

scallop cooked over burning juniper branches

Fish and Crab

poached turbot and sunflower / king crab and almost burnt cream

brussels sprouts and lupin / barley pancake filled wit sour onions

cockles injected with beer

a small egg coated in ash, sauce made from dried trout and pickled marigold

fermented carrots / blood bread, moose broth, backfat and onions

porridge of grains and seeds from Jamtland finished with a lump of salty butter, meat broth filtered through moss

pork chop and bird cherries

Endless Desserts Began!!!

colostrum and blueberries

fermented lingonberries, thick cream, sugar, blueberry ice

ice cream seasoned with spruce / an egg yolk preserved in sugar syrup served on a pile of crumbs made from pine tree bark

sour milk sorbet, raspberry jam and whisked ducks eggs

a wooden box filled with meat pies, raspberries ice, tar pastilles, meadowsweet candy, dried berries, sunflower seed nougat, anise seeds coated in honey and bees wax, smoked toffee, pine resin, cake

After desserts, we returned to the lounge for coffees and teas. It was a great chance to review and compare experiences. I'd skip the pine resin "chewing gum" after dinner unless you want a story to tell. 


The breakfast was just as exciting as the dinner. Fresh bread, cheese, cold meats, wild bird pate, smoked trout, etc. 🙂

It was not the same as other 'fine dining' experiences I have ever had.  The whole experience felt quite intimate, from the greeting by Magnus Nilsson and his staffs when you arrived, to the service, right through to the departure. We left with the longing to go back. 

We made our way to Faviken via Östersund Airport, where we rented a car for the 1.5 hour or so drive which was an scenic drive during the day.

Oaxen Krog

Oaxen Krog


Our final meal in Scandinavia for this trip was at this delightful gem. Full size boats hang from the ceiling and the restaurant is atmospheric with a good vibe. The menu features New Nordic Cuisine without being too experimental, more farm to table.

Roasted ox marrow with oaxen bacon, parsley & lemon

Salad with Kale, pickled pumpkin & roasted pumpkin seeds

Roasted brussel sprouts & Jerusalem artichoke crisps with truffle dip

Grilled cutlet of pork on the bone with anchovy butter and crispy pork rind

Roasted leek with Oaxen salami, shaved Almnäs liter cheese & croutons

Apple cake

Jukkasjarvi – Ice Hotel

Jukkasjarvi – Ice Hotel


We flew from Stockholm to Kiruna. The IceHotel was a quick drive from Kiruna airport. You can pre-arrange to have the IceHotel set the transfer even by dog sled. We didn't opt to have a husky transfer, we saved that and took a quick 15 minute coach transfer to the hotel.

We had decided not to stay in a "cold room" during our one night stay in IceHotel. We slept in a warm room and toured the cold rooms during the day. It was spacious with comfortable beds, kitchen, dining area, private restroom, wifi and cable TV. 

Don't miss a drink or two at the Ice Bar, which is open late. It is one of the main attractions where you can drink alcohol/non alcoholic drinks in glass made up of ice. A very fun experience. Ice anyone ?

Visit each of the rooms to stare in awe at the creative artwork made of ice. The fantastic ice craved rooms are all works of art to be enjoyed. Bear in mind that batteries on phones and cameras drain quickly when it is so cold.


The ”cold rooms” in essence are ice caves, which are kept around -5 °C (23 °F) on a constant basis. They can be visited pretty much the entire day and then are closed for the guests for the night time.


We joined a northern light tours at night. The location was in the middle of the forest. It was about 30 minutes from IceHotel by car. Unfortunately we didn't get to see northern lights. However we enjoyed our 3-course dinner very much. 

Next time I won't be a wimp, I will go with the full experience and stay the night in a cold room. 🙂




We were greeted at the door by the staff when we arrived. The restaurant offers a single 12-course set menu for SEK 2200. The menu was divided into Prologue, Appetizer, Bread, Signature, Catch of today, Bird in two servings, Pâtisserie. Service was excellent! Fun, chatty, knowledgeable about ingredients and methods.


Started with five small bites. (Photo: left to right)

sweet blood pancake topped with a mini quenelle of vendace roe \ galangal root & pomegranate macaron with a chicken and duck liver crème filling and a cherry crisp \ celeriac crisp, black truffle and chestnut crème \ crunchy potato, velvety leak cream and grated black truffle \ pork crackling with pig's cheek rillette



a gently poached 62°C Brittany oyster, served with cream, pine and seaweed dust, and garnished with a slice of fresh walnut and crystallized seaweed.


King Crab

Norwegian king crab poached in beer and dill sprouts, served with a crystal-clear crab jelly, an intense brown crab meat crème.


Horse Tataki

Horse tataki, crisp lichen, chanterelle cream, grated iced foie gras and a sprinkling of dried chanterelles and hay ash.


Bone marrow

bone marrow served with smoked parsley puree.



Fermented sourdough bread soup  with crunchy rye crumbs and a drop of very powerful smoked bacon fat.


sweet scallop served with a light scallop bouillon, a goose egg yolk sabayon, and finished with some freshly grated black truffle.



Freshly made herb butter sauce

Signature & Catch of Today

Left: contain up to 30 seasonal ingredients from Frantzén's vegetable garden included carrot, beetroot, celeriac, turnip, parsnip, celery, etc. and enhanced by Swedish sea salt, freshly made herb butter sauce and crisp fish scales for extra crunch. 

Right: skrei served with roasted onion, crunchy deep-fried onions, winter pear, white wine sauce, and a few drops of lemon-thyme oil.


Bird in two servings


Garlic fudge

Mathias Dahlgren 2014

Mathias Dahlgren 2014


Scandinavian style cuisine. It's located in the Grand hotel. The restaurant is very laid back and we were seated in the bar. We ordered a bunch of dishes and share. Great flavors. The flatbread presented in a brown bag is served with the creamiest butter I thought it's very interesting.


Fried endive

King crab


Reindeer heart


Wild chocolate

Sweet snack