We were greeted at the door by the staff when we arrived. The restaurant offers a single 12-course set menu for SEK 2200. The menu was divided into Prologue, Appetizer, Bread, Signature, Catch of today, Bird in two servings, Pâtisserie. Service was excellent! Fun, chatty, knowledgeable about ingredients and methods.


Started with five small bites. (Photo: left to right)

sweet blood pancake topped with a mini quenelle of vendace roe \ galangal root & pomegranate macaron with a chicken and duck liver crème filling and a cherry crisp \ celeriac crisp, black truffle and chestnut crème \ crunchy potato, velvety leak cream and grated black truffle \ pork crackling with pig's cheek rillette



a gently poached 62°C Brittany oyster, served with cream, pine and seaweed dust, and garnished with a slice of fresh walnut and crystallized seaweed.


King Crab

Norwegian king crab poached in beer and dill sprouts, served with a crystal-clear crab jelly, an intense brown crab meat crème.


Horse Tataki

Horse tataki, crisp lichen, chanterelle cream, grated iced foie gras and a sprinkling of dried chanterelles and hay ash.


Bone marrow

bone marrow served with smoked parsley puree.



Fermented sourdough bread soup  with crunchy rye crumbs and a drop of very powerful smoked bacon fat.


sweet scallop served with a light scallop bouillon, a goose egg yolk sabayon, and finished with some freshly grated black truffle.



Freshly made herb butter sauce

Signature & Catch of Today

Left: contain up to 30 seasonal ingredients from Frantzén's vegetable garden included carrot, beetroot, celeriac, turnip, parsnip, celery, etc. and enhanced by Swedish sea salt, freshly made herb butter sauce and crisp fish scales for extra crunch. 

Right: skrei served with roasted onion, crunchy deep-fried onions, winter pear, white wine sauce, and a few drops of lemon-thyme oil.


Bird in two servings


Garlic fudge


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